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Talking Electoral College versus NPV on Crosstalk

Talking Electoral College versus NPV on Crosstalk

A big thanks to host Jim Schneider and the crew at Crosstalk radio for today’s discussion of the Electoral College versus National Popular Vote. It was my pleasure to be on the program and to talk with so many listeners from around the country. You can visit the Crosstalk website for a description of...
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Is the College too old?

A common public view of the Electoral College seems to be, “I don’t understand it so it must be wrong.” Witness the following from a letter to Seattle’s only remaining news daily. … it is time to come into the 21st century. There is no place in today’s society for 200-year-old practices. Here is...
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Why Save our States?

The genius of the United States of America: we are both United and States. The American system of states is Federalism. One part of it is the Electoral College, the state-by-state way we elect the President of the United States.

Some 'reformers' want to unravel our system of states. The Freedom Foundation’s Save Our States Project is dedicated to preserving these structures for the sake of liberty. Find out more and join us.