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NPV bill loses cosponsors

NPV bill loses cosponsors

Last week was a lousy one for California-based National Popular Vote. After hiring six lobbyists and spending $80,000 lobbying in Madison, Wisconsin, they got Assembly Elections Committee Chairman Jeff Smith to schedule the bill for a hearing with less than two day’s public notice. And NPV’s lobbyists had convinced three Republicans to join the...
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Thoughtful legislators reverse course on NPV

The Massachusetts bill to “reform” (i.e. effectively abolish) the Electoral College and replace it with a national popular vote passed both chambers in the last session but failed to make it to the governor’s office. Five states have passed the legislation. Yet a growing number of legislators are having a change of heart, including...
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Why Save our States?

The genius of the United States of America: we are both United and States. The American system of states is Federalism. One part of it is the Electoral College, the state-by-state way we elect the President of the United States.

Some 'reformers' want to unravel our system of states. The Freedom Foundation’s Save Our States Project is dedicated to preserving these structures for the sake of liberty. Find out more and join us.