Will Louisiana Adopt Anti-Electoral College Measure?

Surely Governor Bobby Jindal hopes the answer to that question is “no.”  Such a scenario is at odds with the reputation that he strives to maintain as a solid conservative. Unfortunately for him, the Louisiana legislature may not cooperate.  Many of its members seem intent on eliminating the Electoral College—an institution designed to protect...
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Virginia: NPV’s Next Battleground?


Following four failures in Rhode Island and two in New York, National Popular Vote may have sealed up a California victory with recent legislative approval of their interstate compact legislation. (For a description, see “What is ‘National Popular Vote’?“) Dr. John Koza and Tom Golisano (the campaign’s founder and their new billionaire supporter, respectively)...
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Fred Thompson abandons the Constitution

Fred Thompson abandons the Constitution

In a shocking twist, ex-Senator Fred Thompson has joined the effort to abolish the Electoral College. He claims that the National Popular Vote movement is “totally consistent with our constitutional principles.” I like Thompson. I voted for him in the 2008 presidential primaries. But his endorsement of NPV simply cannot be reconciled with the...
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NPV’s Arkansas numbers don’t add up

National Popular Vote is pushing legislation onto the agendas of 45 state legislatures in 2010. Five have already signed on the dotted line. NPV prides itself on support from numerous legislators and an overwhelming majority of the voters they poll. Yet they seem, well, let’s say factually challenged. Last February, the Arkansas House passed...
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Target: North Carolina

NPV has made North Carolina one of its targets for 2010. Yet North Carolina is a great example of the weakness of one of NPV’s key arguments. NPV points out that presidential candidates spend most of their time and resources in “battleground states.” That’s true. But what is often ignored is that states are...
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Why Save our States?

The genius of the United States of America: we are both United and States. The American system of states is Federalism. One part of it is the Electoral College, the state-by-state way we elect the President of the United States.

Some 'reformers' want to unravel our system of states. The Freedom Foundation’s Save Our States Project is dedicated to preserving these structures for the sake of liberty. Find out more and join us.