“Small State” Alaska versus the Electoral College?


In presidential elections, the big state of Alaska is a small state. It has only three electoral votes. In a country of 311 million people, it has a mere 722,000. Worse, it can be hard for presidential candidates to get to Alaska, given its distance from the 48 contiguous states. Alaska needs every advantage it can get during presidential elections, which makes it all the more puzzling that at least some Alaskan legislators are seriously considering National Popular Vote (anti–Electoral College) legislation.

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  1. dhellew2 on 2012/10/16 at 4:35 PM

    If the electoral college system represented the peoples vote it might work but we've had 6 presidents that were not elected by the peoples vote. The electoral delegates vote for the side that offers the most benefits for themselves. Coupled with the media and the time zone changes, electoral delegates pick the winning side.

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