Virginia: NPV’s Next Battleground?


Electoral College fight moves to the Old Dominion

Following four failures in Rhode Island and two in New York, National Popular Vote may have sealed up a California victory with recent legislative approval of their interstate compact legislation. (For a description, see “What is ‘National Popular Vote’?“)

Dr. John Koza and Tom Golisano (the campaign’s founder and their new billionaire supporter, respectively) have shifted focus to Virginia their attempt to gain the 270 electoral votes needed to bring their plan into effect.

The Washington Post recently announced that NPV heavy-hitters Golisano and Fred Thompson, the lackluster 2008 Republican presidential candidate and former U.S. Senator from Tennessee, were venturing to Richmond along with former Iowa Gov. Chet Culver in an attempt to pump life into their thrice-failed Virginia campaign.

Unlike NPV’s previous successes–all Democratic “blue” states–Virginia is “purple”, with Republicans holding a majority in the House of Delegates. Why would the campaign pour time and resources into this state when they’ve historically only had successes with Democrat majorities? Five years of campaigning from their California headquarters failed to sway any California Senate Republicans.

Perhaps Virginia is seen as their best opportunity to get a foothold among Republicans, as well as in the South—and the 13 electoral votes wouldn’t hurt any, either.

Ultimately, John Koza and NPV have their work cut out for them if they believe that “four” is the lucky number for winning Virginia.


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