California Democrats pass National Popular Vote


Golden State throws Constitution under the bus despite bipartisan opposition

This morning the California Senate passed AB 459 (the Electoral College Compact Bill) 23-15 in third reading, sending it back to the Assembly and then on to Governor Brown.

The margin was narrower than many expected. NPV founder and scratch ticket inventor John Koza has spent millions lobbying for the measure across the country. In California, he hired former Republican Sen. Ray Haynes (who opposed NPV while in office) to woo current Republican legislators. NPV hoped for uniform Democratic support along with several Republican coauthors, giving them at least a 28 votes in favor. Instead the Republican coauthors deserted the bill and Democratic Sen. Rod Wright voted no. The measure passed with only Democratic support and with bipartisan opposition.

Should Governor Brown sign the bill, NPV will near the “halfway” point toward their trigger (an electoral vote majority, at least 270), jumping from 77 to 132 electoral votes.

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