Saving Maine from NPV


Even my short stay in the Newark Airport was a reminder how different parts of America can be … well, different. New Jersey is distinct from Washington State and Massachusetts, the states on either end of my flights this morning.

Think about just how vast and diverse is our nation, our United States.

Smaller and more uniform nations have suffered the indignity of fracture and failure. Why does America work?

It’s easy to wonder if John Koza, the computer scientist who invented the scratch-off lottery ticket followed by the National Popular Vote proposal, has ever paused to consider that question. And who can blame Koza and his followers–it’s easy to take the things we’re used to, even our country, for granted.

National Popular Vote would tinker with the incentive structure of our national politics for the sake of something like procedural aesthetics: how the presidential election process looks or makes people feel. In a quest for a mathematically perfected system, it would sacrifice a politically sound system, with nary a thought to the consequences.

Not if Save Our States can help it. I spent the evening talking by phone and in person with key political leaders in Maine, with plenty more to do here tomorrow before heading for our next stop: Montpelier, Vermont.

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  1. Trent on 2010/01/19 at 4:59 AM

    And one more thing … it was really, really cold taking that picture. I'll try to post a couple more over at

  2. […] so far has been another inspiration: a great interest and willingness to help Save Our States from my friends at Eagle Forum and the Maine Heritage Policy Center. Category : Save Our States. […]

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