Thoughtful legislators reverse course on NPV


The Massachusetts bill to “reform” (i.e. effectively abolish) the Electoral College and replace it with a national popular vote passed both chambers in the last session but failed to make it to the governor’s office.

Five states have passed the legislation. Yet a growing number of legislators are having a change of heart, including in Massachusetts.

In 2008, Massachusetts State Rep. Will Brownsberger co-sponsored the National Popular Vote bill. Yet on further reflection he voted against his own bill. It still passed by a landslide, but Brownsberger explained why NPV would be bad for Massachusetts and risky for the nation.

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  1. […] the bill was enacted last year, the more legislators learn about NPV the less they support it. In Massachusetts, Representative Will Brownsberger, a Democrat who originally cosponsored the NPV bill, explained […]

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