Nutty Voting Helped NPV in Nutmeg State


But it still proves a tough nut to crack

Apparently the Connecticut legislature has a habit of bending the rules. For example: changing your vote after the tally has been taken. I thought a card laid was a card played; apparently not in the Nutmeg State. Historically, this practice rarely made the difference in whether a law passed or failed.

But it did last year.

On May 12, 2009 NPV was defeated in the House of Representatives 73-72, until four legislators flipped their votes and reversed the outcome. A post on drives the point home:

“The irony on the national popular vote,” [House Republican Leader Larry] Cafero said … “We want to respect the vote of the majority. The bill loses, and four people change their votes. They hold the machine open and browbeat. It’s unbelievable to me.”

The bill passed fifteen minutes before the House adjourned. It made no progress in the Senate, though, so discussion will start over in 2010.

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