Ignoring the Will of Delaware Voters


The Delaware state house has just approved the NPV legislation.  This news story misses a critical point in its coverage:
http://tinyurl.com/ldr3mg (scroll down to “Del. House OKs picking president by popular vote”).

The article incorrectly states that the bill would “allow Delaware’s popular vote to determine the state’s choice for the president and vice president.”  To the contrary, the bill would IGNORE the outcome of Delaware’s popular vote.  It would commit Delaware to an interstate compact among the states.  In all cases, the compact, not the will of Delaware voters, would determine how Delaware’s votes will be cast in the presidential election.  Delaware could be forced to vote for a presidential candidate who won a small plurality nationwide even if that candidate could not qualify for the ballot in Delaware.

This type of reporting reflects the enormous and unfortunate misunderstandings that persist about the NPV legislation.

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