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Trent_England_Electoral_CollegeAbout a month ago, I debated the Electoral College and NPV with two Western Washington University political science professors. The complete series of YouTube videos from the two-hour event in Bellingham, Washington, are below.

The professors had, in my opinion, little regard for the Constitution, Federalism, or history. I’ve written and spoken about the two radically different views of history. The humble can learn from history, or will at least try to learn from it. Those who are caught up with their own modernity or “progressivism” can only dismiss or even scold history.

Key questions about Federalism and the Electoral College are (1) whether this nation is uniquely successful and (2) if so, whether Federalism and the Electoral College are part of the answer or not. I think most Americans would agree with me in answering the first question with the affirmative. And to answer the second question, the institutions that preserve the balance between state and national governments and require broad political geography and broad coalitions are not just helpful, but critical to that success.


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