NPV’s Arkansas numbers don’t add up


National Popular Vote is pushing legislation onto the agendas of 45 state legislatures in 2010. Five have already signed on the dotted line.

NPV prides itself on support from numerous legislators and an overwhelming majority of the voters they poll. Yet they seem, well, let’s say factually challenged.

Last February, the Arkansas House passed the NPV bill (HB 1339, it died in a Senate committee).

According to NPV’s webpage, Reps. Bill Abernathy, Toni Bradford, Stephanie Flowers, Wilhemina Lewellen, Bruce Maloch, David Powers, and Gene Shelby support NPV.

The roll call for HB 1339 indicates otherwise. All of these legislators voted against NPV.

Cross-check the names here and here. Accuracy matters—especially in the way we elect our president.

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